Road Trip Photography For Beginners

The following blog post is for informational/educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment/illness, such as uncontrollable farting, barfing, or dumbass disease. You take full responsibility for any actions on your part. I will not be held liable for anything you do, that comes back to bite you in […]

Ramblings Of A Roadie

It’s hard to believe 55 years have passed since the first vacation I remember, as a child. The year was 1975. The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest…the Grand Canyon…and some Dairy Queen in Arizona, that had at least a thousand different bugs crawling all over the place, and a camper that my dad bought, that […]

Gas Food Lodging (Open All Night)

In the era of chain hotels and fast food restaurants, it seems we are given fewer choices of where we can eat or sleep. Let’s face it….these places aren’t cheap, the rooms are barely decent quality, and the food is bland (crappy). Also, “customer service” is nearly non-existent. Most people seem to be quite happy […]

Why preserving the history of Route 66 is important

  There are many things in American history that have been preserved over the years, whether in museums, monuments, roadside historical markers, or by other means. However, Route 66, and the stories that go along with it, seems to be a little different. There are abandoned motels, old neon signs, diners, gas stations, roadside attractions […]