Route 66 Tucumcari, New Mexico


For 16 years, the Route 66 Dining and Lodging Guide helped road trippers find plenty of good grub, and a place to stay along the Mother Road. It has been 9 years, since the last edition has been released. I figured it was time to start working on a new guide, with up-to-date information. I just started working on an all new guidebook with updated information.

The new guide will only include mom & pop/independently owned properties along, and just off of Route 66. It will also include some historical places of interest, photo-ops,  as well as RV park listings, and some of my own photos from the road. I’m shooting for a November/December 2022 release. There is still a lot of work to do, but things seem to be coming along fairly well. I have reached out to Route 66 associations in all 8 states it runs through, to see if there are some places I’m not aware of that should be listed.

I’ll make sure to post updates on the project, from time to time on here. So stay tuned!


In the meantime.,

Keep gettin’ your kicks, on Route 66!