Howdy folks, I do apologize for the lack of posts on here. Between trying to scratch out a living, and other things, it has been a little difficult for me to get much else done. The food and lodging guide still has some tweaks that need to be made….also, I had to remove a few listings due to the business either being closed, or it was discovered a restaurant had really bad, overpriced food (Galaxy Diner, Flagstaff). When the business listings were removed, it messed up the formatting for the entire section (which is a pain to fix).

I will be working on that, as time permits. Also, I will be adding some new photos that were recently shot, so that will also add a bit more to my workload. Staring February 2023, I will be starting somewhat of a residency (work) at an undisclosed location in northern Arizona. This will keep me fairly busy for the rest of the year. Photos will be posted, eventually. For the time being, I have to make preparations for the relocation. I will keep you updated on that, as well.

The guide project is NOT dead…however, the longer it takes to raise the funds needed to get this to the printer, the longer it will take for the print edition to be released. It’s looking like the digital version will be available, in the beginning. Those of you that contributed through the GoFundMe page will receive their copies first. The printing facility already has a security deposit, so the total print cost will not increase, due to inflation.

Until next post, keep making those road trip plans….spring will be here before you know it!